3K-Factory in Finland manufactures the electronics for automatic hand sanitizer machines


The importance of hand hygiene has been emphasized this year during the spread of coronavirus. Automatic hand sanitizer machines have been emerging all over the public places recently.

This particular machine is designed and manufactured in Finland. The original design dates back ten years ago, originally influenced by the swine flu pandemic. The hand sanitizers are now manufactured and delivered at the accelerating pace to hinder the spread of COVID-19.

The machine is designed for public places and is very easy to use. Automatic hand sanitizers with a motion sensor are hygienic since there is no need to touch it. Place your hand, palm side down, under the glass plate and the machine automatically dispenses hand disinfectant, which you rub into your hands.

Manufacturing of the hand sanitizer machines is done in Savonlinna, Finland and the contained electronics are manufactured at Xamk’s Electronics 3K factory. The device is marketed and sold by Mac Ltd

Additional information:
Elmar Bernhardt
Test- and Electronics Design Manager
3K-Factory of Electronics
p. +358 50 370 7671

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