Product development

In our product development area we follow "from idea to a product" -method. We can transform the ideas that have come to us into ready-made products. We make sure that your product is complete and ready for mass production.


- Agilent data acquisition device (40 channels)
- AVO International BMM 2000, (ESD, FEG) Insulation resistance meter
- Testo 640 Moisture/thermometer
- R&S ESPI3 measuring receiver
- Thermal shock test chamber: CTS TS -70/350/-10 (-70..+180)

- Climate chamber: Vötsch VCV 4034 (-40...+180, Moisture 10%...98%)

Example Case:
Light for plantations - research project of The Finnish Forest Research Institute

We designed and manufactured LED lights for The Finnish Forest Research Institute. They used LED lights in their research of how light effects on growing tree plants. Our produced LED lights can be controlled by computer and light brightness and colour can be changed for every stage of growth.

Read more about it from here (Finnish)